The Benefits of Treating Seeds on the Farm
Posted by seedtreater, 01/02/2018 8:09 am

Farmers understand the need to control variables on their land to ensure the highest level of efficiency and profit. Unfortunately, many things remain beyond their control, such as the weather, but this shouldn't stop them from trying to manage other variables where possible. In the past, farmers would purchase treated seed months before it was needed, but this no longer has to be the case. With a seed treater established on the farm, the individual can treat their own seed at the right time and produce a better yield. What are the benefits of choosing this option over more conventional ones?


Farmers find using a seed treater on the farm is less expensive than purchasing treated seed year after year. In fact, many farmers find the seed treating system pays for itself the first year it is used. Every year after that, the farmer makes additional profits as he or she has eliminated the expense of treating the seed. Furthermore, the system eliminates the risk of purchasing too much or too little seed, as the seed is treated when it is needed with the appropriate treatment for the specific farm.

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With a seed treating system, farmers determine which treatment is needed each year for each particular field. There is no need to rely on a treatment created by a third party, and this eliminates any issues with the treatment being applied correctly. Farmers who purchased treated seed may find they cannot plant the seed for some reason. They cannot sell or return this seed either, leaving them with money spent with no return investment. A seed treater also eliminates this concern, and the farmer can plant on his or her schedule, as opposed to waiting around for a delivery that may be delayed.

Every farm needs to consider investing in a device of this type for their property. There is a great deal of uncertainty in farming. Farmers appreciate being able to control as many variables as possible, and the purchase of a seed treater gives them control over one more variable. Seed treated on the farm tends to produce more, as who knows the land better than the person working it. Consider making this investment today, as it is one you won't regret.

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